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Yesterday, i wrote about The Final Jam Movie, the 2nd sequel of Camp Rock a.k.a Camp Rock 2 which is premiered on 3rd September, a few days ago. Now i will give you some information about characters on that movie.

1. Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato's stage presence and charisma helped her hold her own as the lead actress. As Mitchie, she was at home in her character and able to convey a wide range of emotions. She also shared on-screen chemistry with Shane (Joe Jonas), though her off-screen chemistry with Joe may have contributed to that.

One difference in Mitchie's character from the first Camp Rock was that in the sequel, she is more of a leader. While it was believable that she would have come out of her shell since the first movie, it may have been a bit too much of a contrast for Demi Lovato to go from shy girl to virtual dictator in just one summer.

Still, Mitchie's new-found alpha persona serves as a crucial plot device to lead Camp Rock's fight for survival.

2. The Jonas Brothers

As lovely as the Jonas Brothers are, acting is not their strength. Combining campy humor with wooden delivery, these guys just couldn't get into character (in spite of the fact that they were essentially playing themselves). Of course, given that this is a DCOM, the Jonas Brothers' sweet smiles and pretty voices might make audiences forget that they can't really act.

I actually preferred the storyline between Nate (Nick Jonas) and Dana (Chloe Bridges) to the Mitchie/Shane story. Nate's song Introducing Me was genuinely sweet as were the scenes of Dana at the piano.

Yet go figure that Kevin (as Jason), the only Jonas Brother who is married, is the only brother without a love interest in Camp Rock 2. I guess these brothers really are playing themselves.

3. Other Characters
I would have like to see more of Peggy (Jasmine Richards), Ella (Anna Mara Perez de Tagle), and Caitlyn (Alyson Stoner). In the first Camp Rock, they were unique and interesting characters. Here these characters' lines were virtually interchangeable.

And while Peggy was established as the strongest singer in the original Camp Rock, the sequel has Mitchie and Shane as the strongest vocalists (probably to support Mitchie's new-found alpha persona). Yet while Demi Lovato is a good teen pop singer, her vocals are nowhere near Renee Sands (who had dubbed Jasmine Richards' voice in the original movie).

Although Meaghan Jette Martin wasn't able to do much in Camp Rock 2, she held her own as Tess, showing both her mean girl and her human side. And she had great on-stage musical chemistry with Matthew Mdot Finley.

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